Alpaca Splendour

Tanglin Lodge Alpaca stud farm offers a diverse availability of alpaca entertainment and alpaca garments and toys made from the ‘fibre of the gods’.

Come and enjoy morning tea, BBQ lunch, afternoon tea or just be a visitor. Purchase fine fleeces, finished garments or maybe Peruvian artefacts.

There is so much to see and do at Tanglin Lodge Alpacas. Alongside the wonderful Alpaca shop where you can purchase a wide range of alpaca products from gloves, cardigans and capes to throw rugs, blankets and doonas, there is also:


Morning tea (devonshire)
BBQ lunch
Afternoon tea (devonshire)


White through to black (sample packs to full fleeces)
Grey is our new speciality

Alpaca Education

Learn about these amazing animals from  our years of experience

Alpaca Sales

(with after sales service)
Pregnant females
Mothers and crias
Maiden girls
Stud males
Young boys
Alpaca package deals